# Interests

# Unity

I started working with Unity only a few months ago, I love it.

This is not just the concept of Unity == video games, but rather the possibility of immersion that a game engine can give to the user.

Here are some things I would like to explore:

  • Visit a real or imaginary place without moving
  • Become familiar with hostile places before an intervention
  • Procedural generation of texture, buildings, terrains

# Graphic design

Having started with 35mm photography and film development in a dark room, my interest in photography and imaging started early.

From silver to digital photography, my interest has turned to different ways of producing images in digital ways.

# Biotechnology

According to Aristotle, a human would have five senses: sight, smell, taste, hearing and touch.

Several other meanings have since been found: Proprioception (knowledge of the position of the members of the body), thermoception (temperature), nociception (pain) etc.

The study of the senses is fascinating, when you touch a button, a multitude of actions are done simultaneously, sends electrical signals to the muscles, touch reception and interpretation of the return signal. All this in a few milliseconds.

This is a very trivial action, which requires almost no effort for the majority of people, but what happens if the nerves are severed?

The capture of the various electrical signals of the body, either of the brain (electroencephalography (EEG)) or of the muscle (electromyography (EMG)) can be done with devices costing less and less.

The study and understanding of these signals is a fascinating area.

# Web

Develop a website in HTML with Notepad? Beautiful for '92 😅

Today, if you want a web page that is not haystack, more preparation is required.
Front-end, back-end and DBs all require special expertise.
React, Angular or Vue.js? .NET, Java or Python? It depends.

Do I need an Oracle database for a website with photos of cats?
Probably not.
Do I need an Oracle database for a website selling millions of cat photos per day?
Probably !

Each problem requires a personalized solution.
The internet is changing day by day, different technologies are emerging and are abandoned.
You have to be constantly updated and thirsty for new knowledge.

# Machine Learning

A very trendy word right now. What is it really? Mathematics
Learning to learn, or how to explain to the machine itself to find the desired parameters?

IF conditions THEN actions

This is the basic principle of programming, but what if the conditions are imprecise?

If conditions can change at any time (next action of a player in a video game)?
If the interpretation of [electrical signals] (# biotechnology) requires a field of expertise and years of study?

Machine learning!

This is a discipline that allows a lot of possibilities.

⏳️: August 28, 2019 10:58 PM